Justin Shewell, Ph.D.

Specializing in the integration of technology in TESOL


Let Dr. Shewell show your teachers how to effectively integrate technology into their classrooms to engage learners and improve student achievement.

Some possible training topics are:

  • effective use of technology in language teaching
  • effective use of technology in K-12 settings
  • time-management with technology
  • mobile technology in the classroom
  • bring your own device (BYOD) in the classroom
  • using video to improve student performance
  • effective online instructional methods

See Dr. Shewell in action!

This video shows the beginning of a workshop Dr. Shewell gave on integrating technology into the classroom. As you will see, Dr. Shewell believes in providing training on foundational principles to help teachers use technology effectively in their teaching. (Length: 13:24)


Let Dr. Shewell help you make the most of cloud-based technologies in your school or institution. Dr. Shewell can help you design and implement your cloud-based solution, including determining which devices to use, creating and distributing curriculum resources to your teachers and learners, and much more.


Let Dr. Shewell help you create professional educational videos. Dr. Shewell is an expert director and producer and can help you design and film your video from start to finish. He also does video editing and special effects.

Teach English Now! Excerpt #1

Dr. Shewell has spent the last 18 months developing the world's largest online TESOL certificate program, which includes many educational videos. This video is an excerpt from Course 4 on teaching reading and writing, and is a great example of Dr. Shewell's video design and editing skills. Dr. Shewell believes in using an innovative instructional design strategy that motivates learners and engages them to make course content memorable and "sticky". This video demonstrates the metaphor used in discussing dealing with different types of readers in a classroom.

Teach English Now! Excerpt #2

This excerpt from Teach English Now! shows an instructional style that requires much less special effect work, but is still engaging and "sticky".


Dr. Shewell is an expert at using mobile technology in the classroom. Let him help design and implement your mobile technology solution to make effective use of technology your students may already have (bring your own device), or with a single device you provide. He can help design curriculum resources to fit your needs.


Let Dr. Shewell help you design and implement a solution to get a device into the hands of every student. When all students have the same device, teachers know what to expect in the classroom, making it easier to design and implement curriculum resources and instructional methods in the classroom. Dr. Shewell can help determine the right device for your students needs, and design a solution and curriculum resources that make the most effective use of school resources.


Video can be a powerful tool for self-evaluation and self-reflection. Dr. Shewell has conducted research on how to use video for and teacher improvement. Let him design and implement a video solution that will help teachers improve their practice.

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